How to better know an environment and make more accurate proposals?
Experimenting collectively, synthesizing information with instant diagrams and accessible publications.
I believe that visualizing resources and criticalities is fundamental to identify a strategy.
A snapshot of the situation must be agile and sharable.

expertise: systemic design, visual survey, design thinking, guerrilla research, editorial design, copyrighting

case study: MAKE+, Campus in Camps, 100% Market, Al Maeishah


How to discover surprising perspectives and work balance?
Through collaborative processes, incorporating different skills.
Getting different parts involved, the vision becomes broader so that new actions or devices are more clearly conceived.

expertise: coordination, service design, art direction

case study: UNRWA, Learning from the forum, Go Green, Re:Habitat 


How to transform ideas into visible forms and objects?
This is what design is for.
By planning spaces, actions and graphics, I take care of the process from concept to prototype and realization.

expertise: wireframing, graphic design, interior design, exhibit design, web design, editorial design, image editing

case study: Granarolo, Ateliersi, Campus in Camps, DAAS, European Student Card, To Collaborate is Bologna

4/4 – TEAM UP

How to reach out to the necessary resources to engineer, produce and expose an outcome?
With partners sharing or delivering custom journeys.
Connecting with the appropriate people on a case by case basis, a system of experts can better satisfy the requirements.

expertise: interdisciplinarity, accountability, collaborative practices, research

references: Artway of Thinking, OpenQuadra, Decolonizing Architecture Art Research, BAK basis voor actuele kunst, SGCommunity.it, Jam e la Tempesta, Ateliersi, University of Exeter, Area Europa

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