A-Journal / issue #0

Bologna, 2012-2013

TYPE: one-off

CONTRIBUTION: live visual thinking, editorial design

FUNDED BY: Archiviazioni cultural association


This publication was developed for Archiviazioni, a platform for artistic and multi-disciplinary research and production that works mainly in Apulia and Basilicata regions, of South Italy. The activities of the association focus on the relationship between art, territory and the public sphere.
A-Journal #0 is “the outcome of Diaphasis, the mobile editorial unit that Archiviazioni set up on the occasion of the residency at Corniolo Art Platform 2012. Artists, curators and experts of other disciplines that work about or in the Southern Italy met together in order to elaborate forms of collaborations and regional cooperation. A-Journal #0 collects different active voices around the theoretical and practical experimentation on art, public space and public domain, as a place for documentation, research, monitoring, planning” and as a means of circulation.