Learning from the Forum

Utrecht and Amsterdam, 2016

ORGANIZATION: Campus in Camps

CONTRIBUTION: roundtable and editorial coordination, live visual thinking, visual composition

FUNDED BY: Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap

In the framework of Here We Are Academy: Learning from the Forum, Campus in Camps was invited by BAK (basis voor actuele kunst) along with We Are Here association, to facilitate a roundtable and forst a dialogue about the complex relations between refugees and citizens.

The booklet entitled Political is an outcome from the “Future vocabularies” workgroup coordinated by me and my colleague Isshaq Al-Barbary, addressing the question of representation of the refugee struggle within art and political realms. The series considers the need for a new lexicon to sustain an actualized understanding and to develop a new Collective Dictionary.

Excerpts of this work were later published in the form of a visual interpretation inside Former West: art and the contemporary after 1989, a publication curated by BAK’s artistic director Maria Hlavajova.

What has become of the so-called West after the Cold War? After the tripartite division of the world into first, second, and third has been superseded? Why hasn’t the West simply become “former,” like its supposed counterpart, the “former East”?

— Maria Hlavajova and Simon Sheikh