Milano, 2015

ORGANIZATIONS: OpenQuadra / artway of thinking

CONTRIBUTION: foundation, brand identity, research on housing models, primary urban compositions, infographics and exhibit design

INITIATED BY: Roberto Di Rocco (OpenQuadra)

BRAND SUPERVISION: Stefania Mantovani (artway of thinking)

RENDERING: Sara Bello (GlobArch)

MAKE+ is a startup in which I participated, founded with the aim of designing, developing and introducing in the market an innovative building system. It has been conceived to answer the needs of:

• an ecologic, economic and evolutive space;
• a wood production chain followed through and supervised from forest to factory and from factory to forest (F2F);
• a space built around people;
• providing maximum flexibility with few elements, by integrating technology, home automation and energy saving;
• easy, quick assembly and dismantle;
• a software that simplifies composition, planning and production.

Here an un-digested collection on housing models:

MAKE+ was officially presented at Elica Showroom (Milan) through artway of thinking invitation at breath difference, a series of meetings and workshops during EXPO2015. The event was organized in collaboration with Fondazione Ermanno Casoli and Michelangelo Pistoletto/Love Difference.


invented with:

  • OpenQuadra
  • GlobArch
  • artway of thinking
  • Keeboo Management