Relation:Ships – mapping territories


Relation:Ships – mapping territories

Milano, 2003

ORGANIZATION: artway of thinking

CONTRIBUTION: research coordination and development, web design of the broadcasting platform, relations with the media and the public

FUNDED BY: Apostolatus Maris, Art&Gallery Milan

When artway of thinking was invited to be part of The Seeds of Joseph Beuys, a collective exhibition at Art&Gallery in Milan incorporating several community-based public art projects, they used the opportunity to further research and disseminate the work investigating the world of the seafarers (see: The welcome of seafarers at Venice harbour). It established a temporary agency inside the gallery for 30 days. The aim was to retrieve information about the services available to seafarers in all the ports of Italy. I carried out the primary research on Port Authorities, Maritime Agencies and local Seamen’s clubs, updated the public online and, in the gallery, through a wall and floor installation that was used to present the diverse forms of information, including images, drawings, instant notes etc. that gradually populated the space.