The Garden: Making Place

Dheisheh refugee camp, 2013

ORGANIZATION: Campus in Camps

CONTRIBUTION: editorial and research coordination, project proposals

FUNDED BY: UNRWA, GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbei)

The Al-Feniq Cultural Center in Dheisheh refugee camp emerged from the desire to create a common place for the camp community. Its name, Phoenix in Arabic, clearly evokes the epic story of destruction and re-birth. The centre inaugurated an adjacent garden in 2004. Since then it has constantly been reshaped and transformed in an ongoing design process.

“Campus in Camps initiatives are the result of a collective effort made by the participants in dialogue with community members, associations and collaborators. They have been inspired through dialogue with Sandi Hilal, Munir Fasheh, Alessandro Petti and activated with Tamara Abu Laban, BraveNewAlps, Ayman Khalifah, Matteo Guidi, Sara Pellegrini, Giuliana Racco, Diego Segatto, Dena Qaddumi.”